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Targeted manipulations

Treatments to shape your body and make your skin softer. And if you are pregnant you can be pampered by our therapists, for thinner, lighter legs and an immediate reduction in stress and fatigue.


  • Anti-cellulite massages —  From € 45
  • Draining massage —  From € 40
  • Pregnancy massage — From € 65

Anti-cellulite massage

Armed with creams, litres of water and lots of patience, every woman finds herself, at least once in her life, fighting with a great enemy: cellulite! Orange-peel skin appears, without invitation, usually on thighs, buttocks and abdomen, because fat cells accumulate between fibrous tissues, creating small swellings and dimples. Professional anti-cellulite massage can help improve blood circulation; decrease blemishes and smooth the skin in critical areas and reduce water retention.

Draining massage

Swollen legs, excess fluid and heaviness? To defeat the creation of fat cells, which accumulate between fibrous tissues generally on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, there are very effective professional massages such as drainage. A professional draining massage can help improve blood circulation and therefore make legs lighter; eliminate toxins and excess fluids and tone the skin.

Pregnancy massage

The light a pregnant woman gives off is unsurpassed. Nevertheless, it is very easy to get tired, especially when the belly starts to carry a lot of weight. Why not get help with a nice massage that will benefit both mother and baby? The benefits of a gentle massage are many: improved circulation, for thinner and lighter legs; reduced stress and fatigue and increased energy flow in the mother’s body which is absorbed by the growing fetus.

Personalized massages

Do you have a special need? Our physiotherapists can also help you to resume certain motor movements or concentrate their manipulation in targeted areas of your body.

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Anti cellulite massage always very effective in draining and remodeling. Excellent center.


First time in this center and I am completely satisfied. Ket’s good and professional. I will come back soon.


Draining massage performed with skill and professionalism. Excellent value for money.


Very clean environment. Ket very experienced and professional, I felt cuddled. Recommended.