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We use it every day and we ask a lot of them. Too few times, but we take care of it. If we listen to it, our body sends us clear messages to rest and recuperate. Our masseuses, also therapists, will help you relax and release emotional and muscular tension.


  • Decontracting massage —  From € 40
  • Relaxing massage with organic almond oil — From € 40
  • Relaxing massage with oil and refreshing body cream — From € 45
  • Relaxing massage with refreshing oil and aloe vera gel — From € 45
  • Relaxing massage with organic almond oil and aromatic bioessences — From € 65
  • Relaxing massage with warm almond or coconut oil — From € 65
  • Relaxing massage with warm organic almond or coconut oil and aromatic bioessences — From € 65
  • Relaxing massage with scented candles — From € 75
  • Back massage — From € 40
  • Legs massage  — From € 40
  • Food massage  — From € 40
  • Head, shoulder and neck massage — From € 40
  • Back, neck and arm massage — From € 40
  • Back, shoulder and cervical massage — From € 40

Back Massage

Our backs support us on a daily basis and bad postures or disproportionate efforts often lead to annoying pain that we don’t know how to send away. Expert hands can be the magic potion! Your masseur is dedicated to relieving the tensions accumulated in that very important area, helping you to correct the wrong postures that you too often assume during tiring days. Three reasons why you should give yourself this gift? Circular movements relieve pain and relax contractures; thanks to the relief, your face also looks fresher and more rested; if your back is relaxed, it is easier to stand up straight and look taller.

Back, neck and arm massage

This massage is recommended in cases of cervicalgia, lumbago, stiff neck, muscle contractures and stress-related symptoms. The therapist’s expert hands loosen contractures and relax your muscles and your face also looks more rested.

Decontracting massage

The decontracting one is the therapeutic massage that will restore you! A tonic massage performed throughout the body, infusing energy into the areas of tension and deeply involving the structures of muscles and tissues. What are the benefits of this massage? Loosen knots and contractures and make muscle tension disappear; make the skin more elastic and improve your mood. The therapist is able, with fluid but vigorous movements, to relax your muscles and get you out of the center with a charge never seen before!

Relaxing massage with organic almond oil

If your body asks for a moment’s respite, don’t neglect its needs. This massage technique offers unquestionable benefits to your body, helping you to fight accumulated stress; relieve tension; relax your muscles; calm your mind for intense and total relaxation and help lymphatic stimulation.

Relaxing massage with scented candles

The candle massage is a true sensory experience using candles created with moisturizing oils, heated by a flame. In a magical atmosphere with soft lights, the heat of the oil glides over your skin and its scent relaxes your spirit, while skilful hands slowly massage you. Tensions melt away and worries are just memories. Your skin becomes soft and smooth as never before.

Food massage

Here you have the king of classic massages, the one that touches your roots, the foundation of our body, the basis of our well-being: the foot massage! Your therapist takes care of making you feel comfortable, sitting or lying down. Start by spreading a cream or perfumed oil on the skin of your ankles, plant and fingers. Then, start rubbing, stretching, moving the whole foot circularly and, with a light pressure, compress the most important points. The relaxation is total and the pleasure is enveloping.

Leg massage

Always on the move or standing still for long hours, your legs often require pampering. A personalised massage can help you fight pain and eliminate heaviness. After a short chat to find out what the most stressful points are, your masseuse will choose the most suitable technique for you. This is a real dose of energy: it gets your circulation going again and makes your legs feel lighter and more toned.

Head, shoulder and neck massage

Experience the ecstasy of a massage that relieves tension in the head, neck and neck. At that point lymphatic points pass through which, if touched with precision, can make you vibrate. Then, the hands move over the face, helping the microcirculation of the skin, deflating the dark circles under the eyes and making the skin brighter and more toned. A massage that lifts the mood and restores harmony between head and body, the oldest and most important balance in the world.

Back, shoulder and cervical massage

Back, shoulders and neck: the trio of pain! Close your eyes and imagine expert hands that completely relax your neck, shoulders and back, loosening contractures and correcting the wrong postures that you often assume during tiring days. Circular movements relieve the pain and relax the contractures, and when your back and shoulders are relaxed, your face also looks fresher and more rested.

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Very clean environment and very relaxing massage, from feet to head. Regenerated exit!

The center is very clean and inviting. The masseuses are professional and precise. Very honest prices.


Wonderful massage, as well as effective. Staff as always very kind and helpful. Advice!

Really good center. Very kind, relaxing atmosphere, very comfortable massage bed.